Theta Rho

at California State University,San Marcos


Seeing the word "Sisterhood", most would know the dictionary meaning.  According to Merriam-Webster, the definition is "the close relationship among women based on shared experiences, concerns, etc.".  However, here at Theta Rho, Sisterhood means significantly more than that.  Sisterhood, to us, means the absolutely unbreakable bond we share as sisters of Alpha Xi Delta.  It means understanding our shared and sacred rituals, values and secrets as sisters.  It means running up to a sister wearing letters, maybe having never met her before, but being completely welcomed to have a conversation.  Sisterhood means countless laughs, and many shoulders to cry on if you need one. It's having someone who can be strong for you when you're feeling down.  Sisterhood means wearing your letters with pride because you have the confidence that your sisters will always support you. Sisterhood means no judgment.  It means knowing you're together because of shared values and committing yourself to better your community.  Sisterhood is so many things.  So many incredible things.  Sisterhood is Alpha Xi Delta.

- Courtney Kessler